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catching all your ghosts for every season
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23rd-May-2009 08:17 am - Bleurgh.
Saturday morning exams on 17th Century English Literature are just plain mean.
2nd-May-2009 08:27 am - Okay, so.
So, following my extreme woe at missing out on seeing one of my favourite bands because I dropped the ball on the ticket front, we decided to do a little internet research. Some absolute bastards were trying to flog standing tickets for Manchester on eBay for over £100, which. Okay, no.

However, the tickets for the rest of the continent went on sale this morning. So, um.


1st-May-2009 08:10 pm - FUCKIT.
Why, why was I unaware that Green Day tickets went on sale this morning?!

I blame my ridiculous ENGL201 essay for this.
One day, a boy is going to look me in the eye, tell me that I'm an amazing person and not follow it with a 'but...'

This is not that day.
3rd-Jan-2009 01:00 am - Just swinging on through...
I feel like the only reason I have to update these days is to pimp something. And that's true!

See, I had many New Years resolutions this year. One was to do Project365, which I always wanted to do since sometime last year when purchased_heart started doing it. Another is something I've been doing for the past two years now, which is the 50bookchallenge, which is pretty simple: fifty books a year. I've mainly just kept track in this journal, but this year I've decided to make another one purely for that resolution. LJ is handy that way.


If you enjoy books, and you enjoy me then add myfiftybooks. 'cause I'll be there. And so will they.

I will probably update properly soon. but until then, tell me how you are! What were your resolutions?
because essay season is looming on the horizon, i have been looking for new novel ways to procrastinate (& not just procrastination in the form of new novels. doing an english degree means that all reading is wider reading, & that just plain sucks the fun out of it. plus, i'm a masochist and i am currently 1/5 of the way through of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell).

to fill this non-void in my life, i have instead taken to:

  • doing my food shopping online. i very much enjoy the ASDA people and the way they bring me food like they do. sometimes, i pretend that i haven't paid for it, & some nice kindly folk are dropping off various cheeses to my door for no apparent reason.

  • downloading various television programmes on the off chance that i might actually enjoy them. True Blood! it's like twilight for people with brainwaves! sort of! it's totally ridiculous though, and gratuitous. but hell, it's better than half the shit that heroes is dragging up this season.

  • being ridiculously awesome with these awesome people.

  • eating guacamole. because it's effin' delicious.

  • & also: my hands now hurt because i hand washed some of my clothes and i think the fabric softener is eating away at my flesh. this is why i am using my zombie icon. peace out.
    19th-Oct-2008 02:18 am - in regards to immortalisation.

    she keeps them, potential:

                        on a library shelf of what
                        the inside of a heart
                        should look like.                

    (on a good day, when emotions

                         can be ordered into genre next
                         to ven-tric-les, and action is action
                         is action-adventure.)

    trapped and boxed in the indigo-violet part of

                          the rainbow until someone presses
    and they become, undeniably

    eyes like dead light, those old stars in slow-mo

                          or fast-forward, still assuredly same
                          and safe, routine like sky-blue,

    or, say, nine to five slog or tick-tock-tick-tock.

                          skip the chapter,
                          or pause.
                          (if the camera, like they say
    all voodoo-logic like pins in your eyes,

                          does steal, what they call, your soul,
                          won’t they be glad.
                          or tired.)

    12th-Sep-2008 03:39 am - trufact:
    whenever i see or hear the name 'palin', my mind does not immediately leap to the american republican vice-presidential nominee, sarah; rather, to english comedian and member of monty python, michael. i see the name a lot. i am always disappointed that it is not news about michael palin.

    i like my world view better.
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